Hit a Glass Ceiling? We have other alternatives to Google Ads!

Axora Media partner with plenty of online advertising networks alternative to Google Ads and we are able to bring more audience and ads format for your business today! These advertising networks offer incredible services to promote your business, boost traffic to your website and increase your leads.

Ad Formats We Offer

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an extremely powerful and effective way to reach your target audience. These notifications that look like alerts are eye-catching and grab users' attention right away without being intrusive.

Best of all - users don't need to have a specific website or mobile browser open to see the ad. Push notifications will be delivered straight to the user's device or browser giving high visibility, engagement, and click-through-rate (CTR).


Our Interstitial ad format delivers high engagement rates for advertisers and great revenue potential for publishers. If you’re worried about “banner-blindness”, interstitials are a great way of avoiding it as this format is displayed between web pages.

Interstitial ads are a particularly cost-effective ad format, delivering fantastic exposure for minimal investment. This format is also compatible for App installs.

Native Ads

Native ads are an incredibly effective way to promote products and content. This type of ad blends seamlessly with the surrounding content, in fact, it doesn’t look like a paid ad at all! This format is good for building audience engagement and visibility for advertisers, but also publishers.


Pop-under appears behind the main browser window, displaying either a full page creative or full website. By appearing behind the main page or tab, this ad format is more likely to reach the user as it is not disruptive.

Pop-under offers massive potential for advertisers looking to drive awareness. This format is completely mobile-friendly.

Display Ads

Display ad format is a desktop and mobile-web compatible standard display unit. It can appear virtually anywhere on the page, making it highly versatile. This is the most traditional and effective format in advertising world.

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